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Thread: Scapy problem.

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    Default Scapy problem.


    I've been fooling around with scapy and tried one thing (will be described later) but with no succes .
    So for the scenario. I try to upload a php file using scapy on my server.I am not "skilled" enough to build my own packages so i had the following idea. I would start capturing packets and upload the file normaly through firefox. Then delete the file (also through firefox) and just resend the captured packets. As you can guess it didnt work
    So in general my question is
    1) Am i having a wrong impression of how packet transferr work or i just made a mistake somehow?
    2) is it possible to achieve exactly what i am trying to do?

    Thanks for any help

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    Default library script

    Scapy can act as both a python library and a functional script.

    If you wish to record packet transfer such as activity through a browser, then start scapy as an interactive python script and have it listen, then study the output.

    With diligence a small python script calling scapy as a module will enable you to have such events run as a process. A number of scripts are already on the web.
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