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Thread: BackTrack 4 Pre Final Sneak Peek

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    Default BackTrack 4 Pre Final Sneak Peek

    BackTrack 4 Pre Final available to Informer IHS subscribers BackTrack 4 development is coming along nicely. We will be releasing a BackTrack “pre-release sneak peek” version to Informer subscribers this week. If you don’t know what Informer is, you’re missing out. Informer The Informer is a fund raising effort run by Hackers For Charity. It is designed to [...]


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    Wow looks like BT has finally crossed into the realm of a serious full fledged Linux distribution. ubiquity is a nice touch, wicd – love it, Mingw Windows compiler working under Wine etc etc etc. This ones going on a dedicated hard drive. Thx for your awesome work and to everybody else that has contributed to this project. I must say I am impressed

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