Hi guys, I'm hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction.

I've been working this problem for several days; I want to say first off that I've found the forums to be a generous and invaluable resource while trying to figure this out.

That being said...

The setup:

I'm running the following system: AMD64(dual) / nForce-based MB (ASUS SLI w/ an older nVidia 6800 card). I'm tri-booting Vista Ultimate, Windows 7, and BT4 (running BT4-beta on an old 10GB laptop drive in a USB enclosure - 1GB win32 partition, the rest is ext2 - typical unetboot install with persistence).

Everything boots fine using BCD/lilo.

The current situation:

Black screen after 'startx'. I can hear the M-K audio so I'm assuming the desktop is in fact loading but the display dies.

What I've tried:

I began with all sorts of display issues, most of which are solved at this point (parse errors, no screens, etc).

fixvesa (did not work)
Xorg edits (tried to force modeline; did not work)
downloaded and sh new pkg (NVIDIA-Linux-x86-180.51-pkg1.run - install went fine, but did not solve problem)

Any thoughts?

I'm still pretty much the noob, but think if I can get some quick guidance I can figure out the rest (and yes, I've been through the forums, Google, etc - lots of results, but nothing's worked yet).

Many thanks.