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Thread: Updating Kismet, Mapping with Giskismet, and Installing G-Earth + Maps Live

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    Great thread and well written tutorial!

    I have kismet running with a Garmin 60 csx with log files saved. I am having issues with this command
    "giskismet -x wardrive.netxml"

    and receiving the following error.
    Could not create file parser context for file "wardrive.netxml": No such file or directory at /usr/local/bin/giskismet line 425

    I am sure it is something simple that I am missing but can't seem to pin the issue down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I have seen some different projects in the past about taking different signal strengths from different locations and triangulating a more precise location for AP's and showing a graphical area for the signal for the old kismet but nothing on newcore as of yet was just wondering if anyone's seen anything. And great guide by the way it really helped i had tried to figure this out before but I'm sure I missed something somewhere. Maybe this does triangulation to some degree too i haven't tested it in an area where i got to many hits from different locations yet(the time i did I had logging off for pre drive testing and forgot to enable it again, grrr).

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    Just noticed this is in the archive section for old releases..
    Will repost is correct area.

    I have been doing a few drives around using the kismet-newcore and then mapping with GISKismet.

    The only problem I have is that there does not appear to be an option to merge multiple .netxml files, or the possibility to have GISKismet read from multiple files.

    Has anyone here had any luck with getting multiple kismet sessions into 1 wireless.dbl ?

    Have posted on kismet forums, however basically was told that no easy option to merge .netxml files.

    Have also made a ticket on the GISKismet home page asking whether amobe fiunctionality would be able to be included.

    Now just missing the graphical output of the APs ranges

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    Default GPSD working Kismet has no GPS info?


    I have followed to the guide, and I am able to get my usb Canmore gps running with gpsd. I can check using xgps and/or gpsdrive that the gps is supplying an accurate signal.

    When I load kismet, I get a "GPS not ...." i.e. the GPS is not detected and does not generate any GPS data.

    I have updated the kismet.conf file to include

    Not sure what I have setup wrong, and I have checked the log files, gps data is not captured.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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