Heres a question,

Most of the time when the DSL companies set up the modem for the client or talk them through it over the phone (Usually 2WIRE modems with built in wifi) They have the people put in their 10 digit phone number in as the key.

With knowing this is there a way of speeding up the process of cracking the key with the pre-knowledge of the first 3 digits (Usually AreaCode)??? That is if they are using the default setup of the phone number. Is there a method of doing this for WEP?

I see how editing a dictionary file to prefix the first 3 digits for a WPA attack is possible but not sure about this for WEP.

This would not be a better attack as it would only shave off a minute of the, what would be a 3 or 4 minute attack as it were. But something new.