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Thread: Tethering blackberry using ubuntu 9.04

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    Default Tethering blackberry using ubuntu 9.04

    I have a question for people who have blackberrys...
    I have searched high and low to find a solution to tether my blackberry using linux...
    I can easily do it using windows... but that is a point and click app, and I can not find any pppd settings anywhere in the program or config files.

    The furthest I have gotten is using this app on ubuntu 9.04

    I have a blackberry curve 8330 running firmware v4.5.0.127 on Alltels network and have unlimited everything (data ect...) to include tethering and the best I can get from Alltel is "we don't support your phone on linux" or "try looking on the internet".

    Now I do realise that this is a "backtrack forum", but the reason I am asking here and not on crackberry forums or something of the like is that they all tend to be windows based and/or the posts that are linux oriented tend to go nowhere. That and the fact that there tend to be a larger number of savy linux users here that also work in enterprise... and since blackberrys tend to be a corporate phone more than anything else, I thought that this would be the best place to post.

    I have found numerous blogs, how to posts ect, but none for blackberrys on Alltel.

    The program above is pretty nifty and I would love to use it; it even has pre made config files for most US carriers, just not alltel.

    I have attempted to make my own config file based off of verizons,replacing the relevant details with alltels, because verizon bought them out and should be close, but to no avail.
    This program detects my blackberry etc and does everything that it is supposed to do, I am thinking that I just got the settings wrong. Below is the alltel config file I have made,I know that the number that it is supposed to dial is #777, but I have no idea where to insert that, anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

    #not tested yet
    ipcp-restart 7
    lcp-echo-interval 0
    lcp-echo-failure 999
    pap-timeout 20
    pap-restart 20
    lcp-restart 10

    #Does not exist in all pppd versions (osx)

    novj # refused anyway, no point in trying every time
    user (myphone#here)
    password alltel
    connect "/usr/sbin/chat -f conf/alltel"
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    Will these help? I don't have a crackberry, so no real help from me...
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    I have exactly the same crackberry as you, and the same firmware update. I just use multiple machines for keeping my crackberry in order. I know it is not a helpful solution, but I don't even try to get it to work on any of my Linux machines, - or my iMac. I keep it confined to my XP laptop to avoid the very issues that you have.

    The crackberry is a fairly proprietary and locked down device. Sort of like the iPod which gave me nightmares in Linux as well. I would recommend Vmware given the likelyhood that RIM will probably make some changes at some point that will just cause you misery with the crackberry.

    Sorry, a totally non-helpful answer, but I looked at doing exactly what you are trying and decided it was not worth the effort!

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