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Thread: boot bt from iso on hd (grub2)

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    Default boot bt from iso on hd (grub2)

    hello, i'm new to bt and i don't speak good english (but i'm quite used to gnu/linux and the shell ; )
    as the title says how can i make the iso of bt4 (or bt3) boot directly from hd (no working cd reader and no boot from usb)? i know that there are some ways to make grub2 boot from an iso lying ok hd, but i couldn't manage to get it work . . .

    thanks for the help!

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    have you tried a VM? or possibly installing it to the HDD?

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    vm as virtual machine? no my notebook is a pentium2, not a good idea to virtualize!
    i want to boot from an iso on the file system, i don't want to edit partitions! (due to damadged sectors on the hard drive)
    now i use grub 1 to boot grub 2 and i'd like to boot backtrack from the iso...

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    Default BT3 in Grub2

    May be, Now it's useless but:

    Here is my configuration to boot from ISO with BT3 in Grub2:

    menuentry "BackTrack 3 ISO=bt3-final.iso"{
    loopback loop (hd0,10)/thot/bt3-final.iso
    linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz slax from=/thot/bt3-final.iso root=/dev/ram0 irqpool
    initrd (loop)/boot/initrd.gz

    (hd0,10) is the number of my partition and /thot/bt3-final.iso is the path to the file.

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    Did you look here? The link to this thread appears on the first screen of the BackTrack 4 General Support forum... not exactly hard to find.
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