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Thread: BT 4 Beta Virtual machine

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    Thank you all for your help.

    So I have tried to removed the old drivers and then reinstall new drivers using Aircrack
    site but still whenever I run iwconfig, unable to see any wireless card in my VM. One thing I have notice that some of people have recommended running ifconfig eth0 up but my virtual machine already has bridge connection using physical NIC and it is using bridge settings, so whenever I run ifconfig, I do see my bridge connection is pulling a proper IP address.

    Do I need to disable my bridge connection, in order to get wireless detected as eth0?


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    Default wlan0 showing as eth0...

    i do get my network to work via VMware. But wlan shows as most scripts will not work. Any idea to change this?
    Will search some more on the forum, but any help appreciated.

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    Nevermind, I need a dongle for this one. Will install as dual boot Worked for BT3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by b0N3s View Post
    I am using BT4-Beta VM and I have found that to use networking, make sure whatever hardware you are using is connected to the network on the host OS (Windows) first. Then, start the VM. Next login with your credentials (default or whatever). Make sure networking is started with the "/etc/init.d/networking start" command. BT4 should say that it acquired an ip via DHCP. Finally, startx and check a known good website (Google is what I use) and verify that it is working.

    I have found that trying to get a wireless interface working from within a VM is darn near a nightmare!
    Check this out tutorial.... damn i can't add the link coz im new.
    Anyways the video can be found once on youtube.
    type /watch?v=ICwTdOgszA8
    Hope this helps.

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