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Thread: iphone and metasploit? lol meterpreter?

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    Default iphone and metasploit? lol meterpreter?

    its just a bit of random thought, when will the metasploit team build mods and payloads for the iphone...

    backdoors? netcats? meterpreter? reverse_vnc? <--- LOL

    i dont even have a iphone and dont plan on getting one... i have searched the forum but have not yet found a strait answer, so can you put backtrack on the iphone?

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    You wouldn't be happy at all since you don't have a keyboard on your Iphone and guess what: if you overwrite the installed OS on the Iphone also the virtual keyboard is gone. And I don't think that BT is supporting the Iphone's touchscreen.
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    I've seen metasploit on a hacked iphone before. its pretty crazy...


    what sucks is touchscreen typing on it, tab completion takes a while, initial startup takes almost 10 minutes...

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    I had metasploit running on my old Nokia N800. It works, slowly. It's also a bitch typing the commands on a small ass on screen keyboard. Supposedly you could run the browser based controls for it, but I gave up after a half hour waiting for it to load up. I don't see the iPhone version being any more handy to have. It's more of a geek cred thing. Kinda like running Doom on a Hp graphing calculator.
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