I found this Googling one day and felt like i should share this to the Remote-Exploit community. This is a great program to add to your OS. If moderators feel like this is unappropriate for the forums, you can remove

So you’ve been checking out BackTrack 4, and you want to get your anonymity on? This is assuming you have either installed BT4 to your hard drive or you’re using the VMWare version. You can do this on a LiveCD too of course, but your changes won’t stay unless you do some fancy lzm voodoo and burn a new copy of your CD.

First, you need to add noreply.org repositories to your sources.list. These are the official tor repositories for debian-based Linux distrobutions. Open up a terminal and type:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list
At the bottom of this file, add these two lines:

deb     http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor intrepid main
deb-src http://mirror.noreply.org/pub/tor intrepid main
Save the file. Now download the gpg key, and check the fingerprint:

gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv 94C09C7F
gpg --fingerprint 94C09C7F
The fingerprint should look like this:

pub   1024D/94C09C7F 1999-11-10
Key fingerprint = 5B00 C96D 5D54 AEE1 206B  AF84 DE7A AF6E 94C0 9C7F
uid                  Peter Palfrader
uid                  Peter Palfrader <weasel@debian.org>
uid                  Peter Palfrader <peter@palfrader.org>
uid                  Peter Palfrader <ppalfrad@cosy.sbg.ac.at>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 7974]
sub   1024D/AFA44BDD 2003-07-09 [expires: 2010-07-18]
sub   2048g/E8F4A328 2003-07-09 [expires: 2010-07-18]
Then add it to your apt-key ring by doing this:

gpg --export 94C09C7F | sudo apt-key add -
Now update your sources, and install tor and privoxy.

apt-get update
apt-get install tor privoxy
When this is done you’ll need to change a couple of privoxy settings. In a terminal, edit the privoxy config file:

nano /etc/privoxy/config
Add this line to the top (including the period at the end):

forward-socks4a / .
Now we need to disable logs. Find the line “logfile logfile” and add a # at the beginning to comment it out (tou can search a file in nano with ctrl-W). You may want to search file the line “jarfile jarfile” and make sure that’s commented out too, but it already is for me. Now exit nano and restart the privoxy service:

/etc/init.d/privoxy restart
Now head on over to the Torbutton Firefox addon page <https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2275>, install Torbutton, and restart Firefox.

Now head over to the tor detection page <https://check.torproject.org/>. It should tell you that you’re not using tor. Click the tor button in the bottom right corner of Firefox, accept the sad fact that you might leak time zone data, and then press enter in the address bar to reload the page. Note that you can’t just hit refresh, because you need to make sure firefox is opening a new socket it check.torproject.org. If all is well, you see the bright green notice “Congratulations. You are using Tor.”

Go forth and be anonymous.