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    Default Online Collaboration-Fu

    Ok guys, a little team-work-fu.

    You already know my crazy advocacy of Google Docs... but there are some other ways of online collaboration / pentesting / hunting / coding. - this one seems odd, ain't it? But there is a brainstorming use to it. During a pentesting team session, unmissable. Creating an account is recommended. - sophisticated dashboard. Or whiteboard. Call it whatever you like Playtime? - for sharing desktops, requires Flash 8. Works on Linux!!!!! - you gonna love this one guys! Pastebin goes down, down it goes, down the drain of history... But if we're up to programming... :arrow: Online team-based coding? What about the project we talk in IRC now and is similar to this one, just simpler.

    And finally - file collaborative sharing.

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing, I had not idea about a few of those.
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    Very nice, thanks for the info! Vyew looks very promising...
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