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Thread: Tutorial: Injection with ZyDAS 1211 and 1211b (zd1211)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SliCk View Post
    12:36:32  Ping (min/avg/max): 1.396ms/9.917ms/31.853ms Power: -46.07
    12:36:32  29/30:  96%
    I don't have that problem.
    We have different chipsets, zd1211 (yours) and zd1211b (mine). I think that's the problem. Anyway, thanks for the help!

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    Just wanted to say I noticed my chipset was zd1211b I believe as that's the way windows detected it.. also while I have x2 6Gb vmware images.. I really don't care much about the one with the better power levels/patch as I'm fine with what's in bt4 pre final..

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