@Snayler, can you specify which of the patches failed (the error message) and how do you apply them? What prompted you to think it fails, because it works here.

@themaster - something obviously is very wrong. 17,000 ivs for 10 hours??? I would collect 17,000 ivs in less the thirty seconds. Collecting data that slow means you're nto injecting or you're not associated with the AP.

A word on the power readings. BackTrack 4 has power readings but they are incorrectly implemented. Level indications on the zd1211 should be in negative value, whereas on BT4 they are positive - thus incorrect.

By default patching the zd1211rw for injection with compat-wireless will nullify your power level detection and disable it completely. The new patch which is a test patch aims to provide correct negative readings. It's not 100% technically correct, however it's as close as it gets at this point.