Hello all,

I used the search function for a bit but I can't find anything similar to what I want to do. I've used BT3 for some time now, so I'm not new, but by no means an expert. I upgraded that kernel to 2.6.26, but some things stopped working. Mainly wine no longer worked. So I tried the BT4b live cd and really liked it. I'm looking to keep my same configuration (listed below) but just swap BT3 with BT4. I also want to keep a lot of the programs that come with BT3 like spoonwep, and the gui wifi setup (cant recall name). I also installed openoffice and I really don't want to reinstall it since I tweaked it heavily.

Right now I have grub start from within ntldr, the windows boot loader. I added my backtrack mbr as an entry in my boot.ini.

sda1 = FAT partition. something for dell's recovery, ~47MB so I'm not touching this.
sda2 = NTFS windows (not touching)
sda3 = swap (not touching)
sda5 = bt3 root
sda6 = bt3 boot this is where my GRUB stuff is.
sda7 = ext3 data partition (not touching)

Here is my current GRUB menu.lst
default 0
timeout 30

title Backtrack 3 KDE
kernel /boot/vmlinuz vga=791 root=/dev/sda5 ro autoexec=xconf;kdm

title Backtrack 3
kernel /boot/vmlinuz vga=791 root=/dev/sda5 ro
If anything is unclear, please ask for clarification, I'll be more than happy to clear it up.
Thank you in advance.