I haven't found any solution to the problem I encountered today. I followed this video tutorial to instal BT4 to my 4GB PQI flash drive. Everything went OK.

I edited the .bash_profile
/etc/init.d/wicd start

I can't work out, why does my Backtrack freeze after the X starts - mouse and touchpad not responding. Sometimes it boots up normally, more often not. I would appreciate any suggestions.

The second problem concerns very famous issue - wicd. I've read all related posts here, but none seems to be helpful. Important fact is that - it worked for me for some time on the above instalation, but suddenly it stopped showing up in the tray. I tried almost everything I could:
/etc/init.d/wicd start
/usr/bin/wicd-client on
update-rc.d wicd defaults

It still doesn't show up. What to do? How to check whats' wrong?

Thanks in advance for any constructive help.