Hi peops,

New linux user here, I've been playing around with Ubuntu 9.04 for a week or so and have just discovered the possible usefullness of Backtrack 4

**Start general but useless talk here**
I think I know the basics of how to crack WEP and WPA (Xploit guides ftw!) which is fine on Ubuntu. Today I discovered pyrit but am unable to install the graphics card part of it due to my lack of understanding of linux (or maybe its just not compatible) I've been working on this for most of the day with no luck. A bit of research led me to a guide by purehate about using it for backtrack 4 which seems much easier than trying it out on Ubuntu. I'm now the proud owner of a Live DVD for it.
**Useless talk end**

The Problem:
I boot the CD, use the xstart command to allow me access to firefox for searching things during my testing and playing around and then... I'm stuck...

The resolution used is too low for my screen (which is a 26" HDTV and has no drivers whatsoever). A single letter takes up a 1/4 of my screen and hence I can't read any menus or even use a browser! Is there a way to fix this using command lines? If so then what are they and what do I need to install? (a step by step guide would be very helpful)

The Hardware:
Intel Core 2 Duo - E6600 (I think)
2 GB ram
Nvidia GeForce 8800 Ultra - 756mb

I have used the search function for the Forums and Google but I'm not even sure what the problem is so haven't come up with anything useful. Any Help would be greatly appreciated! If I can get this fixed and the live DVD functioning I can then work on my next task: Making a bootable pen drive for it! Muwahaha!


P.S - This is really fun, hope I can get a little aid to make it more enjoyable