With a wide array of netbooks coming out, many are using ARM processors over the intel atom. I am specifically talking about the touch book from always innovating. I think that this would be a great hack machine for many reasons. But BT has not yet been ported to ARM, and I lack the skill and know-how to do so. Debian is supported on ARMs, so I wouldn't think it should be so hard for someone more skilled than me to do so. If I knew how to do this this would be what I was doing in spanish class (as opposed to actual spanish work.) for all of you guys. Not to mention that this would pave the way to BT on ipod/iphones, cell phones, and PDAs. That way we could finally have an ipod like the guy did in national treasure, and steal all sorts of valuables from large museums.
If I am being completely unreasonable, please correct me.