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Thread: Customizing /etc with lzm2dir/dir2lzm

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    Cool Customizing /etc with lzm2dir/dir2lzm

    Hey guys - I'm trying to tweak my BT4 install to automatically load a simple custom xorg.conf file for my Lenovo S10 netbook.

    I have an xorg.conf file that works when I copy it to /etc/X11/ and then run startx but I'd like to edit etc.lzm to include my changes.

    The issue I'm having is after I've made my changes and put the etc.lzm file back into the base folder, I boot up and get this error:
    linux live end, starting BG4
    init: Error parsing configuration: No such file or directory
    Before that I see:
    * -> base/bin.lzm
    Cannot read module data. corrupted download?
    * -> base/home.lzm
    Which I'm assuming is caused by a corrupt etc.lzm that I'm putting back on.

    So to get there I did something like this:
    cp /mnt/sdb1/BT4/base/etc.lzm ./
    mkdir temp
    lzm2dir etc.lzm temp
    The etc folder and the files extract to the temp folder and I copy my edited xorg.conf file into the X11 directory
    cp xorg.conf temp/etc/X11/
    dir2lzm temp ./etc.lzm
    cp ./etc.lzm /mnt/sdb1/BT4/base/
    I reboot to test it out and I get the above error. I've also tried to do the same configuration using lzm2dir et al inside Ubuntu with the same message. I've looked around the tubes without much luck.

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    there are some tutorials on live + changes installation. That is what could help you.

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    Have you tried to create a new module with that file in it? Directions are HERE

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