I know there is much discussion on which is better. I have no take.

I want to learn one of them, whichever is better. I have heard medusa is faster but I don't know.

I am having issues with the syntax of both programs for webforms (http-post)

I really would rather learn, so please walk my newb brain through the steps.

I want to try SABnzbdplus and phpmyadmin. Once I am successful with SAB, I'll move on to phpmyadmin.

Using the source of SABnzbdplus, I see that ma_username and ma_password are the fields I'm looking for.
<form action="/sabnzbd/" method="POST">
    Username: <input type="text" name="ma_username" /><br />
    Password: <input type="password" name="ma_password" /><br />
    <input value="Login" type="submit" />
Unfortunately I am missing something.
hydra -l Test -P ~/Desktop/n_names.txt -f -s 8080 -t 2 -V http-post-form "sabnzbd/:ma_username=^USER^&ma_password=^PASS^"