I'm performing a pen-test on a Novell/Windows environment. I've managed to gain domain administrator and full access to the Groupwise console. I've cracked the majority of the users hashes on the windows side with LC5. The problem is when I get to Groupwise. Even though I have access to all the accounts, I have no way of dumping the credentials. They use seperate authentication for Groupwise, so my goal is to compare passwords. Luckily, the domain admin had synchronized his credentials, so I got access to the iconsole. All the remaining users have seperate credentials for the Groupwise.

So far, I've only found a few tools. One being for edirectory:

This did not work, as they are not using edirectory. Simple Nomad has some legacy tools, but they don't work on Groupwise 8:

Any ideas or suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks.