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Thread: airmon-ng problem =(

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    Default airmon-ng problem =(

    I have searched all over the forum too look for a solution to my problem, but have found none. I'm booting backtrack 3 from USB.

    When I type "airmon-ng", I get this:

    Then I type "airmon-ng stop wifi0" and get this:
    madwifi-ngwifi0 does not support 'stop', do it on ath interface

    Then I type "airmon-ng stop ath0" and get this:

    madwifi-ng VAP (parent: wifi0) (VAP destroyed)

    Why can't I get monitor mode disabled?

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    You have disabled the monitor mode, but destroyed the interface in the process. Your atheros based card uses MADWifi drivers.
    You can find out everything about how they function here.
    Pay attention on the wlanconfig command. It is used to create and destroy VAP-s. Just bear in mind that wifi0 is your parent card while all else is done through VAP-s (ath0....).

    And try to search more....
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