Hi I have posted on this forum a couple of times relating to problems with getting BT3 up and running. My main prob is that it will not setup wireless adapters. I have a netgear adapter which it detects (eth0) but it will not start the wpa supplicant. I have also tried with a lynksys wusb54gc adapter (i was advised this was a good one to use) it will however not set up correctly. It refers to this adapter as "eth0" I was told it would be "rausb0" it requires an advanced set of rt73 drivers but I was told that BT contains a simpler set as standard, BT3 doesn't seem to though. I have also posted regarding a problem with installing drivers (this relates to a prob with the build dir and an error that comes up when "make" is entered).
Here is a video of the process working correctly on BT2: "youtube.com/watch?v=DwqnGm4S5oo" . If I install BT4 instead can anyone tell me if I will have the same probs?

many thx

PS sorry about the link you cant post hyperlinks till you've made over 15 posts.