Hi I have just bought a linskys WUSB54GC wireless adapter I was`advised (by a freind and this site) that this would be upto running all of the features of BT3 provided I install the rt73 drivers.
A problem has come up in that when I attempt to build the driver :
bt ~ # cd rt73-k2wrlz-2.01/Module
bt Module # make
I get a message saying: /lib/modules/ does not exist. I used the file browser program to navigate to / and sure enough it says build appears to no longer exist (does display a file type icon with a padlock on top though).
I tried to create such a directory but no joy. After this I searched this forum for help and found a post advising me to locate something called kernel.lzm. I navigated to "/" and ran a search:
bt / # find / -name kernel.lzm
this returned no results. I have done a HD installation but I've tried this on the live cd aswell with no luck.
can someone help pls

I seem to be missing something is it possible I have a bad copy of BT3?