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Thread: bt3 iso ways to burn from ubuntu?

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    Default bt3 iso ways to burn from ubuntu?

    I am currently running ubuntu and would like to burn the iso bt3 but i am having a hard time. So i was wondering if there is a program that i could use to burn it to a disc in ubuntu. I used the infra to burn the ubuntu when i had vista. It is greatly appreciated for any help.

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    If you right click on the .iso and select burn to disk, with a blank CD or DVD in your Rewritable Drive, it will start automatically.

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    If you are having a hard time googling for some application or a howto, Backtrack is not the right distribution for you to use. Just did a quick search and found this.

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    K3B should be able to do the job. There's plenty of other free (and open source) programs as well :-)
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