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Thread: airbase-ng -P -C 30

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    Default airbase-ng -P -C 30

    There has been a lot of talk about the -P command in airbase-ng. Works fine with non encrypted networks but from what I understand it is not working with wpa etc. Some of the he guys at aircrack-ng say it there is more info if you dig around the forums.

    Has anybody actually got this to work? Transparent or non transparent.

    Got the Vista problem sorted out for the keys I harvest. Its just that last very irritating detail with -P

    airbase-ng -P -C 30 with the Alfa awus036h using mac80211 in BT4.

    Best to you all
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    Have no idea why the guys at aircrack-ng say it does...but it doesn't work for me too ,for encrypted networks.

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    onryo and i already had a talk about this.

    Its not working for me either, i have the ALFA card and have tested with both mac and ieee drivers.

    The really weird thing is that i can see the client connecting, it seems as tho the client is both connected to my airbase aswell as my AP at the same time.

    Im hoping for some more documentation in a future release as ive givin up on the matter until then. That is unless someone has a possible workaround or something.

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