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Thread: Problem loading db_sqlite3, calling db_driver

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    Thanks for the reply (s).
    Looks like we have a bug to fix... Mods, could you please inform appropriate person to sort this in BT4 final? Thanks a lot
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    I had the same issue, with emphasis on had

    After updating Metasploit, you need to run this to fix your db_driver issues:

    sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies
    It'll reinstall ROR with all it's dependencies, which appears to fix the problem.

    I figured it out when I noticed that the console launched from the webgui of Metasploit seemed to load db_driver and execute db_ commands just fine, after a little bit of digging in the webgui folder I traced the issue back to ROR. Reinstalling it seems to do the job.

    Happy 'sploiting!

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