I’m running BT4 final on VMware Player 3.0.1. The host is Windows 7. The host is running through a LAN cable. I have my USB Alfa AWUS036H plugged in. Then a quick /etc/init.d/wicd start and then start the wicd GUI in BT4 Final.

For some reason wicd won't list any APs.Tried iwconfig and see that indeed wlan0 was up. Tried airmon-ng to make sure the right driver was listed (rtl8187).It was. OK tried airmon-ng start wlan0 -> airodump-ng mon0. Yup could see a list of 83 wifi APs in airodump-ng. *scratching head* Tried rmmod rtl8187 and then modprob rtl8187 and then unplugging and plugging the Alfa. I have been using the same Alfa for years with BT. Just not in a VM. Anybody have any ideas?