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Thread: A problem about airolib-ng

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    Question A problem about airolib-ng

    While I'm creating the databases using airolib-ng
    airolib-ng 1m --batch
    It always stops computing every 250000 PMK, and I must enter this command again manually to proceed another 250000 PMK.
    Is there any solution for this problem?
    Thanks for helping^^

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    Default Re: A problem about airolib-ng

    Hi jasontschk,

    - This is normal.
    - Airolib-ng puts the password in memory "blocks" which contain maximum 250.000 words at a time, and continue this process until you have worked through all the PMK for essid/password.

    - Remember, that to speed up this process, you can open multiple sessions in --batch mode, but I suggest not to exceed two sessions.
    - If the PMK calculation takes a long time, the temperature of the core/CPU available, can reach very high.

    Bye Jano
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