Hi all, I am unable to hook the target properly. It claims it is setup properly, I have changed permissions for the include and cache folders and I first attempted a basic auto alert. My target machine goes to the address I set and sees the xss-example.html text in the browser but no alert pops up, and it doesn't get listed as a zombie on my BT4.

I believe this has to do with the apache2.conf file. beEF states that the address your target needs to goto must match the ServerName value in the httpd.conf. I've tried to add this value to both the httpd.conf and apache2.conf files to no avail. Any ideas?

Thanks guys.

It says to change the httpd.conf file, but it's empty. I read around and I think the apache2.conf takes its place. I just added a single line of "ServerName" to the httpd.conf and that lets me start apache2 with no fuss. Still no zombies though.