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Thread: Problems Setting up Wlan (wep) BT3

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    Default Problems Setting up Wlan (wep) BT3

    i'm new to Backtrack and also linux.
    i have some probs refering to my wlan usb stick

    it is called AVM Fritz! Wlan USB Stick
    my problem is i am not able to get it work for wep or rather wap wlans
    i googled a lot for tut's but did not get very smarter.
    i tried it with ndiswrapper u see here what i made till now.

    bt ~ # lsusb
    Bus 5 Device 4: ID 057c:6201 AVM GmbH WLAN USB v1.1
    Bus 5 Device 2: ID 1267:0103 Logic3 / SpectraVideo plc G-720 Keyboard
    Bus 5 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 4 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 4 Device 2: ID 045e:008c Microsoft Corp. Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0
    Bus 2 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 1 Device 2: ID 1aa6:0201 eFortune Technology Corp.
    Bus 1 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
    Bus 3 Device 1: ID 0000:0000
    bt ~ # cabextract /avm/avm.exe
    Extracting cabinet: /avm/avm.exe
    extracting AVM Stick & Surf.gif
    extracting avmacc32.dll
    extracting avmadd32.DLL
    extracting avmeject.sys
    extracting fwlan.inf
    extracting fwlanci.dll
    extracting fwlanusb.sys
    extracting fwlanusbn.bin
    extracting fwlanusbn_wxp.sys
    extracting FwUSB1b.bin
    extracting fwusbn.inf
    extracting fwusbnci.dll
    extracting readme.htm
    extracting setup.exe
    extracting Setup.ini
    extracting client/AVM Stick & Surf.gif
    extracting client/avmacc32.dll
    extracting client/avmsysnet.dll
    extracting client/avmwlapi.dll
    extracting client/FRITZ!WLAN.chm
    extracting client/FRITZ!WLAN_N.chm
    extracting client/instwcli.exe
    extracting client/instwcli.inf
    extracting client/prehook.dll
    extracting client/readme.htm
    extracting client/wlangui.exe
    extracting client/wlangui.ini
    extracting client/wlannetservice.exe

    All done, no errors.
    bt ~ # ndiswrapper -l
    fwlan : invalid driver!
    bt ~ # ndiswrapper -r fwlan
    bt ~ # ndiswrapper -l
    bt ~ # ndiswrapper -a 057c:6201 /avm/avm.exe
    ls: cannot access /etc/ndiswrapper//avm/avm.exe/: No such file or directory
    driver '/avm/avm.exe' is not installed (properly)!
    bt ~ # ndiswrapper -i /avm/to/fwlan.inf
    installing fwlan ...
    couldn't open /avm/to/fwlan.inf: No such file or directory at /usr/sbin/ndiswrapper line 181.
    bt ~ #

    what am i doing wrong
    and how can i set after installing the driver the wep key and router SSID

    hope u can help me

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    You need to learn Linux basics first, such as how to use a command line shell, how the file system works, and how to get help for particular commands, etc.

    Id suggest starting with Ubuntu, its much easier for a novice Linux user and there is lots of online help and guides written specifically for Ubuntu.

    BackTrack is a Pen Testing distro, and requires at least basic Linux knowledge to use properly. As a guide, if you cant get a network interface setup on your own (after searching Google and the forums) you probably aren't ready for BackTrack.

    You'll also find that people on the forum here are much less likely to want to spoonfeed answers, and you will get flamed eventually if you kep asking basic questions. The Ubuntu forums are much more tolerant of this.
    Capitalisation is important. It's the difference between "Helping your brother Jack off a horse" and "Helping your brother jack off a horse".

    The Forum Rules, Forum FAQ and the BackTrack Wiki... learn them, love them, live them.

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    ok thanks i will give it a try after my a-levels
    i think i will start with Kubuntu cause i like the gui of that linux^^

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