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Thread: Corporate Web Filtering

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    Quote Originally Posted by thepretender84 View Post
    2 words...Clark Connect. Just about every school in my state uses it. We have students trying to bypass our filtering 24/7. The only thing that I have seen get by it is Tor. However, with a quick Snort rule, you can easily detect it and deal with the user. BTW, we tried websense, but dropped it for CC.
    ClarkConnect is actually one word

    From what I see it seems to use squid and DansGuardian for web filtering, which is a good choice for a school. When I last looked however, neither had support for file type detection based on content analysis, which was a deal breaker for me. It depends on the feature set you are after I guess.
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    We use a Barracuda Webfilter 410 here at work. Can integrate with Active Directory to setup filters based on groups. Reports include Top Users by Time spent, Top Users by session time, etc. The reporting is pretty much endless. We have about 300 users here fwiw.

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