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Thread: getting injection to work on Intel PRO/Wireless

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    Default getting injection to work on Intel PRO/Wireless


    Im having problems getting packet injection to work on my wireless card.
    It's a Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3B mini PCI Adapter (rev 04).

    It doese'nt support injection by default, and i've searched for drivers, but no luck so far.

    Do i have to use ndiswrapper?

    Im running bt4_beta hdd install.

    Any ideas on this? Is it even possible to get injection to work on this card?

    Help apreciated.

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    Well if you've checked this and this link. And tried googling the card/chipsets name a bit - with no avail, then you are pretty much out of luck sorry to say.
    Regarding ndiswrapper, it will never support monitor mode/injection. I am guessing because it uses the Windows based drivers which obviously don't support monitor mode.
    - Poul Wittig

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