hey guys! I am new here and I am having some difficulty with backtrack 3. I have a hp presario B1900 laptop with a build in broadcom wireless card (I know this is not a good card!) and I recently bought a D link DWA 140 USB wireless adapter. I am confused because when I typed in the airodump-ng ra0 (my dwa 140 wireless) the power of each of the BSSID came up as negative! Such as -80 etc. When I did airodump-ng eth1 (my broadcom build in wireless) the value was usually 0. I am also not sure whether injection would work on either but when I tried typing the airodump-ng -9 eth1, it showed up as having no injection but sometimes injection would work from the ra0 adapter.

I guess I also would want to know whether DWA 140 does support Backtrack. I know that broadcom does not work too well. Cheers