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Thread: I need a working Long range Usb Wireless card for BT4Beta

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    Default I need a working Long range Usb Wireless card for BT4Beta

    Hye , i think its needed to ask this noobie question.

    Wich USB Wifi card is BT4 beta Compatible (packet injection),, and is stable on long range hacking.

    I already buyed 4 cards , and all not usefull for long range.
    What do i mean with long range is a decent 100-300Metres distance. With or without a antenna. (not a oversized Omni or else...)

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    world peace... and no hunger across the poor nations.. this is what I want! But nobody is giving it to me just because I want it. have you made even the slightest effort to look at the forum threads? You're not the first *today* asking this question.

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    You will never get that kind of range without an external antenna. 50m is about the maximum range with most cards. 100m is unrealistic for most cards with an external antenna. To get more range you need a high-gain antenna, and it will have to be directional.
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    Default long range card

    i do beleave a alfa card will work,it is external and about 60 dollars,has 100 mw

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