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Thread: HP presario B1900 laptop and Broadcom wireless card can't inject packets enquiry

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    hey guys! I am new to this forum so forgive me if I had posted this in the wrong section or if it had already been posted. I have a HP Presario B1900 laptop with Broadcom wireless card. When I tried testing for packets with the command aireplay-ng -9 eth1, it says unable to inject packets. I am just wondering whether is this due to my broadcom wireless card or my HP presario laptop? Because I am thinking of purchasing a new usb wireless adapter, either Dlink or netgear. Cheers!

    hey guys! I have got a laptop HP presario B1900 and I have broadcom wireless card build-in. When I tried to test to see whether this supports injection with the command aireplay-ng -9 eth1, it says trying probe requests..... no answer..... found 0 APs. I have heard how bad broadcom is, so I just bought a USB DWL 140 usb wireless adapter by dlink and when I did the same test, it says...... Trying broadcast probe request...... No Answer.... Found 1 AP....Trying directed probe requests..... Ping.... 7/30.... 23 %..... injection is working! I am just wondering whether is this good news?

    but when I enter the command aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (bssid) -h 00:11:22:33:44:55 ra0.... it says..... sending authentication request (open system) (this is repeated a few lines down) Attack was unsuccessful. What does this mean? because I thought injection was working and that brought a bit of bright hope because my broadcom did not show any injection. Cheers!

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    broadcom wireless card... what drivers? if you resorted to ndiswrapper...forget injection. hell, even if you didn't it's a crap-shoot. ( /me is NOT a fan of Broadcom ).

    also, be sure to check the wiki for (un)success stories on that model, as well as a full site-search on the errors that you are getting.

    if that doesn't help, be sure to post all relevant info (errors, etc.) before asking again.

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