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Thread: keyboard all screwy in Backtrack3 via USB boot

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    Default keyboard all screwy in Backtrack3 via USB boot


    I'm new to the whole linux thing. I installed Backtrack 3 via Live USB on a 4GB Kingston flash drive and it loaded fine. When I get into the operating system and I try to load the Konsole or type anything in Firefox the keyboard does not work and it seems like all my windows that are open are not behaving correctly. I cannot adjust the window sizes and the Konsole screen is a bit messed up and does not show up clearly. I can do cntrl+esc on my keyboard and it registers so it must recognize some keystrokes. Also I thought it may be because my flash drive was slow, but I can go into applications without a problem of slowdown. Any help would be appreciated.


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    try again with specifics on hardware (make/model, video card, keyboard, yada yada)....
    check the HCL in the wiki, while you're at it...

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