Hi everyone, yes I did search the forums. For several weeks actually and I have tried to follow the install instructions for a dual boot system with Windows Vista. For some reason I can not get it to work. However, I am trying to do something that is not covered for some reason in the tutorials I have read. I am trying to get a triple boot system. I have already installed Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 (just installed that today). I tried using the grub boot loader that Ubuntu uses but for some reason Vista still does not like to be loaded from Grub and will give me tons of errors when I try to. I found another solution, it is a program that actually allows you to edit the Windows Vista Boot loader and add entries for other OS's. It has worked wonderfully with Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu and loaded grub onto the partition that Ubuntu is on, not the MBR. I have had to reinstall Windows and fix the MBR so many times now I do not want to have to do it again. Either Ubuntu will properly add Vista to grub and Vista will give me tons of errors when I try to load it, or grub does not see it and will not add Vista for some reason. Anyway I finally got Vista and Ubuntu to play nicely. I already made a EXT3 partition to put BT4 on, and made a Linux swap space, 4 gigs of RAM so swap is 6.5 Gigs space. All of the tutorials I have seen assume that your going to use multiple partitions for boot, root, and the swap. I just want to put BT4 on one partition and use the swap I already made. I do not want to use LILO if at all possible. I would like to use grub if I can. From what I have seen on the BT4 live cd it looks like Grub is there also. At least it tells me it is already installed when I try to install it from the console. I am a IT student and I also work part time in the IT office at my school. I went to my Network Admin, he is kind of like a linux guru in our office, and asked him if I was doing things right based on the tutorial I had. He wanted to know why I was using LILO, and said he wouldn't help unless I used grub. So, I went to our CIO, also knows a ton about linux. He helped me out a bit but we could not get BT4 to load after doing the install. LILO was giving us errors. Anyway, so, I would like to use grub, install it only on the partition that BT4 is going to be on, and only use one partition for BT4 and the swap I already made. The partition is /dev/sda4. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to get this to work for weeks now and I am getting nowhere. Thanks.