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Thread: How to patch?

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    Exclamation How to patch?

    Hi....i have a questions? So plz if anybody can give brief answer it wll be appreciated.
    I have laptop ACER 4220 and which is using broadcam chipset.I m using Bt3 and booting it frm CD.

    (1)...Now when i use my acer 4220 it works fine(i m booting frm CD ) with internal wifi but capturing data was slow so i bought ALFA rtl 8187 external usb wifi and when i connect it through usb ....BT3 didnt detect usb port means it didnt show found new hardware....i want to ask y?Suppose if we put any usb in winxp it says found new hardware....but in bt3 it didnt detect it...nothing happened..
    and also


    it shows only my internal wifi (eth1)

    while searching it says i have to patch the driver..but i dont know how to patch where to patch....if this is the problem plz tell me in brief what i have to do?plzzz

    and onething more i used acer 5220 also but its also didnt detect wifi card both internal and external?y?

    i m have kernal 2.16

    plz help what to do how to do?

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    bt3 should work fine with a rtl8187. There is no "found new hardware" crap. This is Linux not windows. In order to check your interface name you can do this:

    Plug it in and run: dmesg | tail -n 25

    your interface will be wlan0 or eth1 or something along those lines.

    to bring it up or down: ifconfig eth1 up (or down)

    In case the driver is not loading you can: modprobe rtl8187 to load and rmmod rtl8187 to unload

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    Thanx for concern but still didnt work......when i type

    modprobe rtl8187 it says Module rtl8187 not found...and still not show any wifi card

    whats wrong now?plz appreciate ur reply.

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