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Thread: Creating a new user

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    Default Creating a new user

    I attempted to create a new user with adduser name and then adding it to visudo so he can use the sudo command aswell. Everything seemed to work well, but startx hangs when trying to load up - it does load up with sudo startx, but I'm thrown into KDE preference wizard and afterwards the desktop looks like your basic KDE desktop would. I just don't feel that comfy being on root user when I don't need to (I use the distro for basic web browsing / irc / some videos on my laptop as well apart from the obvious).

    I have done a lot of tweaks on my root profile and would be nice to copy the settings over without having to redo it all, any tips?

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    Default Re: Creating a new user

    You could just copy all of your . files from your other user into the home directory of your new user chmod and chgrp as necessary. That will get you a good starting point.

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    Default Re: Creating a new user

    There is a guide to this in our FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Have a look at it.

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