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Thread: what Am I Doing Wrong?

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    Default what Am I Doing Wrong?

    1. BT4 DVD was perfectly burned using imgburn
    2. Bt4 DVD used in HP NX9420 and booted ok
    3. I have installed BT4 on the VAIO!!!

    I've managed to boot in BT4 by copying the BT4 directory on the hard disk.
    It seems that the Blu-ray Disc Drive can not find the BT4 directory.

    I select BT Console and when the graphics screen comes up, i get the following error
    ATA5.00: revalidation failed (errno= -5)

    Then it says
    Starting Linux Live scripts
    and after a few more lines I get:
    Looking for 'BT4' data directory - (searching for livecd.sgn file)
    Fatal error occured - BT4 data not found

    And asks to press control-alt-del

    Anyone who might tell me where to look for and what to do?

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    mind telling us which tutorial have you followed? Are you sure you did all steps as suggested by it?

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    did u do an md5 check before burning the dvd :S
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