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Thread: Keyboard Problem.. Works but screwed up...

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    Default Keyboard Problem.. Works but screwed up...

    I tried searching for this type of problem but i couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I am running KDE and my keyboard and mouse are working, everything is fine there. But, when i type an "a" i get a "q", when i type a "q" i get an "a". When i type a "w" i get a "z" and so on.... what is wrong?? Most of the keys work. Just the numbers and the "q" "w" "a" "z" won't work.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

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    There is a reason posts like this get ignored: A severe lack of information.

    If you want people to help you, posting the pertinent information about your hardware, which version of BT you're running, what your locale is, which keymap that you are using, etc., would all be helpful.
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    "Start", Settings, Regional & Accessibility, Keyboard Layout.
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