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Thread: bactrack 4 wpa setup

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    Default bactrack 4 wpa setup

    Hi all,

    Again still no joy on the homehub2!!!!!! question.

    Anyway a new one for me:

    Im using backtrack to do some ettercap and dns spoofing with irongeeks tut.

    Problem 1:

    I have to connect my rtl8187 usb adapter to my wpa router and it just wont work
    on either bt v.2 3 or using it in vmware and can inject and crack wep no
    prob but i need to use bt on my wpa net.

    Can any one help i have googled for wpa_supplicant and still no joy.
    please can anyone do step by step for me with this setup as i want to do s**t loads of stuff
    with bt for education purposes with out using my neighbours wep net.

    Its very jarring and it seems a lot of people are having the same trouble.

    vmaware 6.5.1 build 126130
    usb rtl8187 wlan0
    bt all versions

    thinkpad t43p and desktop.
    2bg/1.5gb respectively.

    regards dal....

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    Easy way would be to just airmon-ng stop wlan0, ifconfig down mon0, /etc/init.d/NetworkManager restart and click on the little green little blob in the right hand cornnor to connect. Enter your key like 00:11:22... like 001122...
    or use a script like this one

    Good luck
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