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Thread: How to connect to WEP 802.1x network?

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    Question How to connect to WEP 802.1x network?

    Hello fellow B'trackers!

    I want to be able to connect to the network at my school. The type of connection is WEP 802.1x and we need to set it up manually in Windows/Mac OS, loging on with our personal username and password.

    I've done some research on the topic before creating this thread but I cannot seem to find a suitable solution. I've found this guide: LINK HERE but in order to follow this Howto guide, I need to set up a rule for each access point on my school! There are somewhere around 15 access points, and I'm moving around a lot.

    IF this is the only solution (I hope there are alternatives as that way will require me to set up a new rule each time I visit a hotel or something like it) I need to set up rules for all access points (or the closest 50%).

    But this leads to another question: Will it connect to all the networks in range? I'm not sure about this, but I guess connecting to multiple networks/access points is a mess!

    Help is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: How to connect to WEP 802.1x network?

    We do not support windows nor ubuntu here, only BT4.
    Which according to your post, you are not using.

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