does this action crate a rainbow table out of a dictionary file? or does it create wpa chains using ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789?

if it creates a wpa rainbow table using a dictionary file that you would use to do a dictionary attack? i probably wouldn't want to use this file unless its the only way.

if so is there a program like rtgen which creates LM and WD5 password chains which also creates wpa rainbow tables?

or is it possible to create a wpa rainbow table with rtgen using a specific essid?

and yes i know google is my friend... trust me i do look up these questions first.

ok i obviously didn't look hard enought. i just found and read this forum

really i get that lookup tables (not rainbow tables) help speed things up. i just don't understand why you can't use the same LM chain concept on WPA.

so my next question is where can i find a strong dictionary. i've been trying to find one for some time now and google gives me nothing.