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Thread: What to do if u can't see the essid

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    Default What to do if u can't see the essid

    Hello to all...

    I am using BT3 for a while now... everything is going fine... but... i tryed to crack my AP (wep protected) but hidding the essid...
    So when i do the airodump-ng rausb0 i get the bssid the channel but under the essid it says <lenght: 10>...
    when i try the aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (bssid) -h (face mac) rausb0
    it says that i must specify the essid using the -e .... if i put the <lenght10> it doesn't recognise it.....
    Any suggestions???

    PS sorry for the crapy english...
    PS2 i tried searching but i come up sort

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    <length10> is not the ESSID of your AP that's just an error in trying to parse the ESSID when none is given or understood

    In that case you must only use the bssid, the way you have it.
    Can you please post the exact command you are typing in?
    Or even better the terminal lines of your command and any output you get?


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    Run a deauth against a connected client. If you run airodump at the same time that you do the deauth, you should see the essid show up.

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