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Thread: Connecting to WEP, and WPA/WPA2 networks for n00bs.

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    ... ima complete linux noob my self ... been on and off again attempting to use a few distros that dont require 3 hours for me to do a 3 sec job lol ... but ive seen posted the cmd line (after trying this script and failing )

    "/etc/init.d/NetworkManager start"

    unless somthing is going horribly wrong here lol the return for me is :

    "bash: /etc/init.d/NetworkManager: No such File or directory"

    ( would love to use such a tool ) as the terminal is just not playing nice with me .. ive tryed many variations of iwconfig and ifconfig commands ... none of which are working for me ... the onlything im recieving an error on is :

    "iwconfig wlan0(correct) mode Managed"

    setting "mode" in any type of way returns

    "device of resource busy" in all casses including a fresh startup.

    anyone wanna lend a hand ?

    (ps. Even disabling my encryptions and attempting to use iwconfig to connect with no wep key ... doent work )

    (neither dose my hard wired ethernet ) y am i having such a hard time with this ? lol

    worse thing is ... i have no type of internet connection using this OS .. and so any type of alternative or package i might need to download i cannot access ... killing me

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    Generally speaking in linux there is a difference between a capital letter and lower-case one.
    # /etc/init.d/networking start
    Hence the error message you received.
    "bash: /etc/init.d/NetworkManager: No such File or directory"
    As for changing your wireless card's "mode" generally the interface needs to be "down" to do this.
    Try for more info.
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    In networks manager it doesnt show any connection, and i did the following:

    started network
    started networkmanager,
    pressed on the green global
    pressed new -> wireless ->
    And then a window comes up, were i think all the connections would be listed, like in windows wireless internetconnection, but it doesnt?

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