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Good points Oktet. Given time, computing power, and disk space, any WPA/WPA2 "personal" (i.e. passphrase) key can be broken. 802.1x ("enterprise") may be a different story. But, when dealing with a private entity (home, personal, non-business) IMHO, all you really need to worry about is "am I faster than the other guy running from the bear?"
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Passwords are like underwear. They should never be shared, and changed often.
Frequently changing passwords is a security practice I seldom see mentioned here or elsewhere and even more rarely implemented. However, it is one of the easiest ways for a security conscious entity to prevent attack by determined and well equipped attackers. Even if your adversary had supercomputer level hardware to utilize, a simple passphrase change on a monthly or bimonthly basis would stop them dead in their tracks. Unfortunately, this practice is generally ignored or given low priority because it poses too much hassle for the common user.