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Thread: Backtrack4 GPU CPU Nvidia ATI and WPA

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    First of all stop flaming other members. We understand English is not your first language but there is no need to be so rude. archangel.amael is a respected member of the forum and a friend and i will not hesitate to kick you from this forum if you disrespect him again.

    That being said I will not make any bets with you becasue that sort of talk on the internet is pointless. I will be waiting for your proof of 39000 pmk/s with 1 295 GTX. I must tell you I have 3 of them and have done extensive testing with them. The top speed for wpa pmk/s is 20,000 for one 295gtx.

    Please show us some proof. A screen shot will be fine.

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    Man and I was giving him the benefit of doubt.

    p.s. It is Mister and not madam Archangel.Amael

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    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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    Default pureh@te

    thats is not very nice Pureh@te you say I'm rude to other members of the forum? I don't think so if you want know just to people who don't respect others, for example saying that someone can't speak some language.

    Pureh@te this is third time I will ask you.
    you say that you have tried with your card everything and is imposible get from gtx295 more than 20000PMK I say you are wrong and I will prove it to you as soon as you will give me your word about your nick name and your desktop we got deal or not?
    also I asked you if Pyrit aircrack and cowpatty that all tools that you know?
    is there anything that we can use instead Pyrit Cowpatty or Aircrack.
    could you please please answer my question?

    also I'm really very very sorry archangel.amael I just thougt that you are Pureh@tes girlfriend this is why last time I have writen madam I'm really really sorry archangel.amael I will never never make this mistake again I know now that you are the MAN and you are Pureh@tes boyfriend. .

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    I tried to warn him. /me shrugs

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