Hello guys
I'm having a bit of a problem loading Backtrack in my laptop and i'm asking for your help.
I have a compaq pressario cq60 notebook running Vista with a 2.16GHz t3400, 3,00GHz Ram, Nvidia GeForce 9200 GE and (if you can believe this) i'm unable to load any live or boot cd. Backtrack just hangs after loading showing on screen the mouse icon alternating with an X, Ophcrack starts to load and then tells me something like "(..)/udev illegal operation" and just hangs in the next line with "/@"; and Winternal ERD Commander 2005 starts to load and then gives me a blue screen and shuts down.
All three work just fine on my desktop (quadcore extreme 2,50GHz, 4,00Gb ram, Nvidia Quadro FX 3500).
Any help or insight would be greatly apreciated. And please i'm a little green at this so don't be too hard.