Here is what id like to do.

I have a text file and in it i keep commands that i use often. Each of the commands typically has a variable to it .. i.e the MAC addy

I have multiple routers so everytime i switch to another one i need to copy in the mac for each command. Thats like 20 different times i need to paste each MAC

How would i write a small script that would ask me for variableA, VariableB etc... and then paste my input into the text file where i put [VariableA] .. [VariableB] .. then save

Yes i have different docs saved with the separate mac so honestly this is rather pointless but im more or less using it as a learning experience. Then hopefully using that knowledge to make a couple automated tools so if you also know how to run a command as a separate process ... or wait for a command to finish before executing another one that would be a big help

Before you go yelling at me about searching .. yes i have for well over an hour ... but i think im searching for the wrong thing

Thank You